Monday, August 29, 2011

last minute changes- Yes I Can!

I have decided [at the very last minute] to use the above spelling program for Sassafras.
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My original plan had been to use the vocabulary words from Wordly Wise 3000 Book 6

But when I started working on her schedule I realized this would be a bit tricky as we schedule each Wordly Wise lesson over a two week period. I fiddled around with drawing out her spelling to a two week period before each test but I really didn't care for it. She's a decent speller so I want to keep it active and interesting, slowing her down often ends up bogging her down. A friend had recommended this free spelling program to me months ago. I pinned it on Pinterest so that I would remember to come back and check it out later (oh, man am I so glad I did that!). Today was that "later".
The program is 30 weeks- so that gives us some "dinking" around time... what I'm thinking right now is that after every 6 lessons we'll have a review week where she works on all her misspelled from those previous 6 weeks. I plan on tweaking that as needed- depending on how many words she is missing.
Up until last year, we used Sequential Spelling but last year her language arts curriculum came with a spelling program: Spellwell. She absolutely LOVED it and wanted to continue with the program this year.

Only problem? The program ended with the books she used last year. She was bummed. This free course we're now using incorporates some of the elements she loved about Spellwell- the pretest and the exercises. This course is appropriate for grades 6-8 and did I mention it's FREE!
I may post about it again in a few weeks just to let you know how it's going...


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