Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dear August- Nice to see you...

Well, Hello August!
You have strolled in quite nicely…

Here we sit in the final weeks of summer… finishing our fun, crossing off and making plans for crossing off more bucket list items and gearing up for the start of a new school year… albeit quite a slow-paced gearing up as we want to savor every last drop of this luscious summer… so much we have done and so much more we hope to do.
Waking up late, nothing to do but read a good book between loads of laundry…
Filling buckets with fresh green beans from the garden
And freezer bags full of plump precious blueberries
Sharing our lettuce and cucumber bounty with the neighbors
Swimming, swimming and more swimming
Reading up on different pickle recipes
Trying out new squash recipes
Painting pictures with watercolors
Sketches and doodles and puzzles and singing
Day dreaming and late nite talking
Computer time plays second fiddle to our family time and activities… perhaps even 3rd fiddle as we spend time cooking, playing games, reading, creating crafts and evenings with popcorn and a family movie or a read aloud with smores around a camp fire.

There is so very much going on… and yet- at the same time we’re doing “Nothin’ much”.
I like that.
Its good… so good.


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