Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day One: Done

We went back to school today.
It was good day.
For which I am very grateful.
I'm pretty proud of myself for taking it easy and not demanding everyone stay on task and on schedule... which I admit has happened with regularity in the past. I'm trying a more "go with the flow" approach. If someone wants to dilly-dally and take an hour on their math... well, then their school for the day is gonna run a bit longer and hopefully (I pray) they'll begin to figure out that working diligently and staying focused pays off.
Oh, yes, I'm praying.
One benefit I'm already seeing- I wasn't so uptight today.
Whew. That was nice.
We started the day off with a special breakfast: French Toast and Fruit Kabobs.
With a special back-to-school note from Mama and Daddy at each place setting.
Everyone tackled math first (devotions were done before breakfast). Sassafras is loving the new math! So much so that she did TWO lessons today! Already tested out of the first chapter. Yay! She was so pumped. And I am so glad I decided to switch to Teaching Textbooks. The automatic grading (right there all saved on the computer) feature is sweet! Ms. Books also using Teaching Textbooks [Algebra 2] but hers does not have this grading feature... bit of a bummer but she continues to like the curriculum. She also tested out of the first chapter (much of which is review that we don't need since we do math all year long).
Since all three are studying the Middle Ages, we took turns reading aloud from books that all 3 share in the curriculum. In all my years of homeschooling I've never had this before- the girls have always been paced further apart with differing curriculum and books. I loved it. Loved hearing the girls read aloud for all to enjoy and loved the break it gave me! We also splurged this year and bought the audio version of our history spine: Mystery of History Vol. II.

Yes, we still refer to the book but this ohsoverymuch streamline's our day. More than you'd think- but it does. I do a lot of teaching and reading aloud with all three and my voice often shows the strain by the end of the week, not to mention that I can switch a load of laundry while we all listen to the audio lesson. I like that feature. A. Lot.
The kiddos dug into their books with gusto today and all project it will be a really great year.
I'm good with that.
Here's a quick snapshot from our first day of school photo session... I caught this one while they were goofing around...

Can't you just feel the love?


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