Monday, August 15, 2011

Continued gratitude- heaps and scoops and piles

Multitude Monday at Ann’s today….
Sharing our Endless Gratitude…. And this is mine…
God is so good all the time… I just can’t capture all that goodness that He hides in just a single day… but I can capture small pieces and those serve to remind me…

Lord Thank You for these gifts….
Ree is One... heaps and scoops and piles of Auntie Love
An awesome summer youth retreat
Hard rains that soak you to the skin in 30 seconds
Laughing uproariously at how wet we are
Crickets chirping
Summer produce filling buckets and boxes all over my kitchen floor
Mason and Ball jars
Sermon notes scribbled on edges of bulletins
A fresh piece of paper
My sister... my friend
Farm fresh brown eggs
Coming Home
Windows wide open to cool breezes
I can smile ~ in the midst of difficult and trying moments
Dappled sunlight
Celebrating re-birth
Corn on the cob
Happy texts from Dear Sweet Friend
New understanding
Homemade quilts
Eating from the garden
Seed spitting contests
Crazy laughing
Finding a settled contentment in learning to be okay in circumstances that aren't exactly okay


  1. Did you notice the chicken picture is right below "my sister, my friend"? I had a good laugh over that one. :)
    Then I noticed the brown eggs and I realized you weren't teasing her. This list makes me hungry, and it makes me wish for the farm, and quite life, the sort of life where one drinks tea. Lovely list, it's very Anne of Green Gables-ish

  2. Amy, I love the last item on your list. There is such peace in being content. I understand sermon notes scribbled all over the bulletin. ;) Great list today. Stopping by from A Holy Experience. Many blessings!

  3. I loved the last contented comment too...I always enjoy your pictures. I miss living on our little mini-farm ...hearing the rooster crow good morning. Need to remember your last comment again! : )



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