Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to School Countdown: 13 Days

In 13 days we start school.
This means I am in the midst of final preparations for those first few weeks as well as trying to squeeze every last bit of fun from these last fleeting days of summer...
and its VBS week at our church this week.
I designed a weekly schedule page for Mr. Conductor that I like much better than what I was using in the past.
Plus some major tweaking to the girls schedules... I like to print them out and then color coordinate the daily assignments- handwritten, of course... I thought about giving this up for a much simpler system but the girls love the color coding and, I must admit, so do I. Plus I feel that in hand writing assignments down I delve more deeply into the books they are learning from. Weird, yes-- but that's just how it works for me.
It is my goal to read every book before they do- I feel more prepared that way... this also means I know in advance about certain selections that will need more discussion, explanation or (maybe- just maybe- skipping over) before its too late.
This year I'm blessed with a bit of a "repeat year"- Sassafras will be using a curriculum Ms. Books did 4 years ago with Ms. Books using the high school version of this curriculum- both sharing some of the books. This means I am not reading as many "new" books but instead doing a lot of skimming to refresh myself on previous reads. This is our very first repeat year [which also saved us some serious $$$ in curriculum purchases]. Mr. Conductor will be listening in on some of the girls reading as well as reading that is more to his taste and age level.

Did I mention... In 13 days we start school?
We do. And I'm almost ready.
Very Nearly So...
Back to School... means our very special Back-To-School Night.
The kiddos are helping plan our Alphabet Dinner. We made it all the way to Z last year!
I've been picking up little special trinkets and what-nots here and there for THESE traditional cones.
And there's the Daddy Blessings too... that's one of the highly anticipated parts of the back-to-school tradition. I think they'd give up everything else to still have their own special blessing spoken over them.

And while I'm all link happy... Here's our First Day of School tradition


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