Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Won't let this heat steal my joy or stop me from being grateful

This dastardly heat would very much like to steal my joy… and at times it has.
We are doing our best to stay cool both in physical terms and attitude terms.
And so we have read through two big piles of books from the library, listened to 2 audio books and watched more movies than I would care to admit…
I don’t feel like cooking much and that’s okay because nobody really feels like eating much.
I’ve made a couple changes to the weekly menu… I just don’t want to use the oven… not no way no how.
This oppressive heat makes the 80 degree temps of a couple of weeks ago seem delightful. So this is my hard gratitude today- the heat makes me more grateful for what I thought was hot before…
It makes me grateful for running water… I just go to the tap when I’m thirsty in this heat… no walking miles in the heat to get water. I am blessed.
I am grateful for our ancient window air-conditioner… its loud hum is a blessing and I pray it continues to keep on humming.
Which makes me thankful for electricity… a continuous supply, ready whenever I need it- powering air-conditioners and fans, keeping the food in my fridge cold and ice in my freezer…
I am thankful for my next door neighbor who has opened her pool to us whenever… insisting we use it as it helps her by stirring up the waters… so glad to stir up the waters for her and for the refreshment that helps this mama to keep an upbeat attitude in this wilting heat.
I am thankful for the library and its steady stream of free books, audio CDs and DVDs to see us through.

Other things my heart is grateful for this day…
Fresh ground coffee… flavored even… turned into iced coffee drink
Wearing a cotton skirt to stay cool… a wonderful alternative to shorts
Raspberry filled chocolates from my Dear Sweet Friend… sitting on my bedside table in a prettily-ribboned jar
That contented tired feeling after a refreshing swim on a hot, hot day
Going out for ice cream as a family… the simple pleasure of a chocolate vanilla twist cone
Satisfaction in a weeded flower bed
Our little library and the wonderful librarians that know us so well
Everyday romance with Mr. Steady
Our little village—walking to the park—library—a friend’s—ice cream—biking
Mrs. H’s generosity with her pool
Swim suits hanging on the line- we had fun!
Family work day- everyone working together to accomplish goals!
Farm dreams… I’m coming to terms with this incredible God journey
Falling asleep on line-dried sweet smelling sheets—Bliss!
The taste of homemade yogurt with just picked raspberries—oh, the delight!

My Grateful Heart List Grows Daily…


  1. Love your list, and that you're counting past 1,000. :)

  2. Hi Amy, Really hot here, too, in MD. The worse part is we get a haze of pollution that just sits over us until a storm comes in.
    I wanted to let you know we grew strawberries this spring. Last spring I planted 3 varieties that ripen in sequence. We had lot of berries and they were great. For next year I will thin and space them out because they ended up so crowded that those in the center would strat to rot before they could ripen.
    Food costs keep going up here, too. We are snacking on a lot of homemade popcorn. Lynne in MD



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