Thursday, July 28, 2011

Still finding it by the heaps and heaps

Here I am… July drawing to a close…
Seven months into this year I labeled Fresh Joy
Does the label still fit? Here just past the halfway mark… does it still ring true?
Each day, even the bad ones, have a measure of joy to be found and savored.
I have learned a deeper contentment… a joy that isn’t attached to my circumstances.
Even the bits and pieces of pain that have surfaced and pierced me and mine do not diminish the joy that God continually opens my eyes and my heart to see.
I reached the 1000 mark in counting my gratitude just a few weeks ago… and still the daily gratitude pours forth, moment by moment…
In writing it down He has not only helped me to see more thanksgiving in my life but has taught me to find the joy and gratitude in the hard thankfuls… such as the passing of my grandmother.
His joy is new and available to me every morning… I find that utterly spectacular… sometimes to the point of being overwhelmed and all I can do is drop to my knees, reach up my hands and whisper my praise as the overfill of the overwhelmingness spills out… I just can’t count it all… I just don’t see it all.

Ecclesiastes 5 (the MSG) says, 
"God deals out joy in the present, the now."
Isn't that wonderful! Its Fresh and new every day... every moment. God gives us joy to be experienced and savored right now... in this very present moment.
There is still joy here.
Heaps of it. 


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