Friday, July 8, 2011

5 Minute Friday: Grateful

Its Friday and I'm reeling with the joy I'm feeling... I began thinking thoughts in my head that just had to be put down and wrote out and then I chanced to glance at today's  Gypsy Mama's 5 Minute Friday...
and I knew I needed to stop and do this write right now. Because her word fit so explicitly with what all is rolling through me... that's a God moment for sure.
[5 Minutes Friday: Gypsy Mama puts out a word and all who join set their timer for five minutes and type what comes right off the top of their head… no editing (except for spelling 'cause I just can't help but do that)… when 5 minutes is up- you take what you wrote and post it then link to Gypsy Mama.]

Today's Prompt: Grateful

Oh, Lord your blessings overwhelm me... swamp me... when I stop and really think of all that I have...
all that You have given me... I could dissolve into a praising puddle of tears.
I am so grateful to you Lord.
And yet that profound sentence doesn't seem big enough to fully encompass all that I feel.
Lord Jesus, thank you for loving me so much. My grateful heart about explodes when I allow myself moments of quiet awareness of the gifts you've given...
and then in the quiet I realize that I cannot even attempt to comprehend the breadth and depth of the gifts You daily, moment by moment, pour out on me... I know there must be multitudes upon multitudes of gifts I am not even aware of... and that humbles me dearly...
Puddling here...
Lord, Your all out love for me is amazing, your gifts are countless and yet each day I take just a few moments and I put pen to paper attempting to capture just a few of those gifts, writing down the reminders. And I know I miss so many of the gifts.
Lord, while my human finite mind cannot grasp these wonderous gifts you give me daily, my grateful heart knows in part, what wonders you create and bestow
Just for me.
Please know that today Jesus, with each pump of my heart- I thank you.



  1. (Here from the gypsy mama) All I have to say is AMEN and Thank You, Lord! We are so blessed!

  2. What a beautiful piece! What you said about not even knowing just how much He is blessing us is so true. Praise God!

    Have a lovely weekend.



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