Friday, July 22, 2011

5 Minute Friday: Full

I live a full life.
And over the last ten years I have realized just how incredibly full it is.
For the longest time I yearned for things I didn't have but thought I wanted... I was discontent.
I don't exactly know the day my eyes opened to the difference, to the appreciation... but I am ever so grateful they did open.
I realized that life is about moments and what you fill them with... not looking outward for what you don't have-- thinking that will fill you up faster or make you feel fuller longer...
My life has always been full, I just didn't take the time to stop and notice... like when we're at an all-you-can-eat buffet and keep eating and eating.... not taking the time to sit back and rest ourselves and give our bodies a chance to tell us we are full...
It wasn't until I backed off and rested that I realized the fullness of this life I live...
That I have a wonderful good life.
A contented life.
Sure I still have desires and longings but they are not the same...
They have changed because He has changed me. Opened my eyes to notice the full life I lead.
God gives us full life, He longs to fill our empty places...
My ultimate desire, my ultimate longing is to remain in God's will... for him to fill these empty places in me.
That is what adds the real fullness to this life.

How it Works: Gypsy Mama puts out a word and all who join set their timer for five minutes and type what comes right off the top of their head… no editing (except for spelling 'cause I just can't help but do that)… when 5 minutes is up- you take what you wrote and post it then link to Gypsy Mama. 

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  1. We can not be FULL without being FILLED by HIM. amen!

    <3 Traci

    Here's my first stab at this writing exercise: <3

    It was my first stab at it over at Ordinary Inspirations:



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