Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Streaming: Randomness

Warning: This post is random
Totally and completely....

Still here?
Okay, goody.

We've managed to cross approximately 21 things off our Summer Bucket list...
which is currently written to #72 but I'm sure we'll add more...

After 2.5 weeks, I made yogurt again, finally. Managed to screw up the recipe twice but Praise the Lord it turned out just fine. Note to self: you can substitute vanilla yogurt for the plain cultured yogurt and it will turn out just fine.

I bought homemade granola at a farmer's market (bucket list) while we were Up North camping... its yummy. I've now decided that I should add "make homemade granola" to the bucket list. Now numbering 73....

The laundry is still not quite caught up but I'm not stressing about it... and all the heavy sweatshirts still smell a tad bit smokey. but I'm okay with it. Really. Ahem, I'm okay because we're planning a couple of campfires this weekend and I'll make sure everyone uses the alreadycampfiresmokeysmelling sweatshirts... or else.

We're still doing math here. Yes, it's summer... and we've got a terrific bucket list... but we still do math 3 days a week (at least)... helps with retention... not to mention that it gives them something to do. I don't hear "I'm bored" [insert whiny tone] around here much... the kiddos know that translates into "Oh, Mom! I really want to sit down and do another math lesson today!" Harsh, I know.
However--- this allows my kiddos to, on average, skip the first 15 to 20 lessons in the coming year's math book as they are all review and we don't need to review because we've kept up with it all summer long.... this in turn allows me, the mama, to declare some "No Math" days during the school year when we really, really, truly need them most...

In my concern for our gardens and after the death of several good tomato plants (dern bunnies) and with the awesome 1/2 prices on tomato plants at my favorite greenhouse [75 cents for 4 plants! Yippee!] I purchased approximately a dozen more heirloom tomato plants. Mr. Steady says I can stop worrying about whether or not we'll have enough tomatoes and start reading up on how to can them.
Two of my beautiful and 1/2 off flowering plants have been attacked underground... their roots have disappeared... so it looks like I just might be visiting my favorite greenhouse again to see what goodies they may still have at wonderfultome prices.
We've planted the green beans twice... dern bunnies again... and we're not up to a 3rd planting so we're keeping up hope that we'll be able to save some of the plants.
Mr. Steady was able to keep the bunnies out of his strawberry plants only to find them being attacked by ants. Sigh.

In other news... on the day we were leaving for our camping trip, Mr. Steady was driving his very old car to his brother's to pick up a very, very large cast iron skillet when he hit a horrendous bump and soon thereafter his car powered down and quit. Quit as in dead as a door nail. Long story short- my brother and his trusty truck towed Mr. Steady home, we got the skillet and managed to be only 45 minutes behind schedule. We left the croaked car and the worry$$$ at home.... fast forward to Monday... Mr. Steady  drove the family car to work, saying he'd take a gander at the defunct car when he got home later... after some thinking and some pondering- my man had a light bulb moment and checked the safety shut-off valve for the gas line on the car... sure 'nuff it had been triggered by the horrendous bump. Flip the switch and turn it on-- all systems go. He drove to work, no problems. I am so extremely thankful that was a quick and $zero car fix. Wish they all could be like that.

This randomness could well continue....
but I'll stop.
For now.


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