Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sharing my Weekly File System Creation

Ta Da! I have successfully put my file folder system together in one really sweet handy-dandy packet and uploaded it to Scribd to be shared with all. It even includes a pictorial tutorial… which is what I was hung up on the last couple of days… trying to create but my brain and body were too hot to get it all right. Not so now, thank you 77 degree weather with wonderful cool breezes.
I must give a hat tip to Dawn of By Sun and By Candlelight… I found her File Crate System on her blog a couple of years ago and fell in love [This is the post that started it all for me]. I adapted it for my own self- creating what I think are pretty wonderful cover pages for each week’s calendar. I just had to get creative with some wonderful fonts and clip art. I am now on my 3rd year using the system and I love it.
Love, Love, Love it.
This system overlaps with a few of my other essential family management tools.
Such as My Weekly Menu Plan and Family Planner/Calendar. {I use this for my Planner}
Each Monday (or if I’m really productive- on the Friday before) I transfer dinner menus to that week’s file cover and also note the family daily itinerary for the week, plus any To Do’s or other notes… all on the cover. So what may be found in 2 or 3 different places can be quickly located on that week’s file folder.
Inside the folder goes pertinent papers for that week- it could be a softball schedule, dentist reminder, grocery list, list of books I want to check out at library, brochures, seasonal items, invitations… really any paperwork that would be littering my desk in crazy little piles goes into a folder. When I move on to the next week’s folder, I go through and transfer any necessary papers to the next week and keep the rest in the folder- filing it back in the crate.

File Folder System 2011-12

Up until this year I have categorized my system to run June of current year to May of the next… with categories of : High Summer/Early Fall/Late Fall/ Deep Winter/Early Spring/Late Spring... which is how I first saw it on Dawn's site. 
I like how Dawn changed her categories this year and decided to follow suit- with the exception that I will still run June- May… not changing to my new file year starting in May as Dawn has... Why? Because I am very busy with the end of school year in May and I like my routine of putting together my new file folder system the week after school gets out. So even though the "Late Spring- May/June" Category is first in my file system the files for May are for 2012.
Besides categorizing the months, I also have a file for Yearly Curriculum Orders and Menu Plans. I keep a year's worth of menu plans in this file... inspiration for when I feel I'm in a rut- sometime's it helps to look and see what we were eating around this time last year. As for the Curriculum Orders- I have found that I like to keep this paperwork separate from the weekly folders and my other school folders because I find myself referencing it so often (this is actually the first hanging file in my crate- menu planning is filed after the monthly categories).

If you have any questions or find any typos in my packet... Please comment to let me know!

Updated to Add: 2012-13 File Folder System is now complete and ready for you to download.
The 2012-13 File Folder System

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  1. Wow this is a really cute little set up. I hadn't thought to combine the menu planning with to-do's...
    I use a similar system - called 12 Folders... it gives me a lot of flexibility and i still keep goals in front of me, with as many steps as I want to attain them (I shoot for monthly goals). I'm in love with fonts and use graphics on the cover of each month's folder along with that month's calender. I think it's more personalized to me, than when I was still raising kids, and that may be why it works, lol.
    My system is a whole lot more time consuming than yours, but it gives me time to think out my goals as I do it. If you're interested:
    Thanks so much for sharing this easy & cute file system!



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