Thursday, June 16, 2011

In the midst of things

Lots of this and that and the other thing going on at the homestead today...
Creating homemade Father's Day cards.... using bits and pieces found here
Baking strawberry bread... trying this recipe

And I've caved to the awesomeness and become a Pinner... which has caused me to go back to/hunt for different sites I bookmarked because of some cutesy-patootsy little element and pin it so its now all organized in one location.... which has created "work"... but fun work!

Talked with my Sis a couple of times and ironed out some of the details for Sunday dinner...
I'm making my crockpot cheesy potatoes (super easy-peasy recipe that I must share- soon!) and German Chocolate cake... because all the dads in the fam love this cake.... Especially my Hubsy!

The kiddos currently have the coffee table strewn with paper and a rainbow of colored pencils and these books--Drawing & Sketching.... which we love... sparking imaginations....

Full disclosure-- keeping it real: I had cereal for lunch.
Why? Two reasons:
1. I didn't want to eat Spaghetti Os for lunch (not a fan)
2. I wanted to eat strawberries.... on my cereal

And while we're just chattin' here... check out this picture... this is someone who is real serious about hanging out the laundry... I just had to stop and get a picture of this... a pulley system for the laundry line. From the house to the barn. Love it.


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