Monday, June 27, 2011

Doing the Math

Here’s a bit of math… what we’ve been up to since last Thursday…

Boys tent
Going, going… gone… Travelin’
2 families
1 truck
1 car plus car top carrier
3 tents
7 kiddos
4 adults
8 or 9 fishing poles plus tackle
3 partial bottles of sunscreen and 2 full bottles
5 cans of bug spray
3 coolers
Enough food for a small army… including 6 loaves of bread, 4 dozen eggs, 4 lbs. of bacon, 3 lbs of deli meat, 3 lbs of hamburgers, 2 ½ pounds of cheese….
3 nites of camping
4 days of fun
2 days of rain and cooler temperatures
2 days of sun, Sun, SUN
3 morning of campfire coffee
20 cups of hot cocoa
1 day row boat rental
0 fish brought back
2 times swimming in Lake Leelanau
1 time swimming in Lake Michigan
1 lighthouse visited
1 piece of sea glass found
2 ice cream stops
1 visit to Cherry Republic… oh, the taste testing
1 time getting lost….
2 U-turns
2 grocery store visits
3 stops for gas
Numerous Petoskey stones found
1 extremely large Petoskey Stone… about 150 lbs or so…
Kids eating on the bluff- Lake Michigan
1 picnic lunch on a grassy bluff overlooking Lake Michigan
4 meals cooked by the Dads over the open fire
1 camp pie meal… cooked over the fire
2 picnic lunches
1 snack-lunch
3 trips to purchase firewood
3 bags of ice
2 band-aids used
6 Ibuprofen taken (approximation)
1 Farmer’s Market visited
2 book stores explored
3 full listens-thru of Gramma Dowdel [A Year Down Yonder] by Mr. Steady and I as various kids took turns riding with us

…………….. too much fun, laughter and enjoyment to fathom. We had an incredibly great time with some incredibly great friends. Fun stories shared, more fun memories created and more plotted for the future…

2 happy, tired families all home….

11 pounds of sand carried home (approximation) inside bags, shoes, the car, towels, swim suits and in some food too…
7 loads of laundry… on the heavy duty cycle (stinky laundry… very stinky)
3 rocks found in the washer… including 1 Petoskey stone
4 pairs of jeans pre-scrubbed with a scrub brush and Era
3 times sweeping sand off my kitchen floor
506 photos downloaded from camera
No milk… its curdled… [I forgot to put it in the freezer before we left]
Kiddos used the last of the [unfrozen] bread for toast last nite before trudging off to bed… what to do about breakfast….
We nuked the frozen bread for breakfast… 12 seconds then 8 seconds did the trick
8 pieces of toast… 4 with jam for breakfast with 1 sliced apple and 3 cups of sliced strawberries
1 generous neighbor bringing a gallon of milk over after reading my Facebook status
1 yard in need of mowing
2 rows of lettuce in need of harvesting

First day back home… there are still piles of camping paraphernalia in the dining room, and kitchen and on the porch and more sand to be found, I’m sure.
We slept in. Well the kiddos and I… our brave, stalwart and always steady, Mr. Steady, was off to work early this morn… I sent him with good leftovers for lunch—fried chicken and cheesy potatoes…
Dinner is planned out, lunch was much better than breakfast (thanks Ms. Books)
But we came home to clean sheets and a well stocked larder (except for the milk) and so we are able to spend the day at home… recouping… regrouping…

Loads and Loads to be thankful for today...


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