Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Could fry an egg outside but I'm too hot to try it...

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No we didn't try this... but I thought about it and then I
thought: Man, I don't want to waste an egg OR sit
out in the heat long enough to watch it.

It is stinkin’ hot here.
The weather is supposed to break around midnight… Thank you Lord.
But until then…
We are hot.
Mr. Steady believes (and rightly so) that we can tough it out for a couple of day (today is day 3) until the temps dip again and so he has not put in the other window air conditioners.
As I sit here and sweat I try to think to myself that we are being frugal and thrifty.
Excuse me one moment.
Ah, there. I just splashed a large amount of cool water on my face and have positioned the table top oscillating fan to continually stream right at my face.
That feels a might bit better.
We’re all a bit cranky here.
Mama most of all.
$2 squirt guns, a polly pool and some water straight from the hose kept the kiddos busy for awhile and I didn’t mind it at all when I went outside and they squirted me.
Oh, refreshment.
And so this lament of the state of sticky hotness is all to say that I am too pooped to post, my brain is kafuddled  and I’d rather just lay down and let the fan move over me back and forth, back and forth, back and forth…
I’ve got a couple of posts percolating in my noggin but they won’t flow out until it’s at the very least 15 degrees cooler around here.
I do have a couple of links to share…
This made me laugh… a lot. I like this dad… love his sense of humor & style.
And this file crate system upon which I adapted and tweaked to create my own… This post in particular is what got me going on this a couple of years ago... which leads me to announcing that I am hoping to turn my own personal "how to" into a post... which I am hoping to share in the near future… complete with print-outs you can use!
When it dips down a couple dozen degrees…
Of course.


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