Friday, June 10, 2011

5 Minute Friday: Backwards

Trying something new today… Every Friday over at Gypsy Mama is 5 Minute Friday.
Gypsy Mama puts out a word and all who join set their timer for five minutes and type what comes right off the top of their head… no editing… when 5 minutes is up- you take what you wrote and post it then link to Gypsy Mama.
This so tugs at the writer in me- sometimes we need a shove to get inspired… I’m sure some Friday I’ll post just a pot of drivel but it’ll be for reals what comes outta my head… just like this is….

Prompt: Backwards
Makes me think of Mater in Cars…
“Don’t need to watch where I’m goin’—I just need to know where I’ve been…”
Where I’ve been… looking backwards in order to more forwards…
Learning from past mistakes so as not to make the same mistakes.
Which is all good.
I have my moments when I’m like Mater and drive backwards… looking back at where I’ve been. Sifting through the memories of this life I’m living.
Some of it makes me cringe with regret and embarrassment and other moments I’d like to linger in, feel again… get lost in.
But we can’t live a life going backwards— Our lives are in constant forward motion
Also- growth only comes in forward living… the backward glances and remembrances are fertilizer for the soil of our lives but we live forward.
Which is good.
And exciting.
And freaky scary too
My backwards is okay to glance at every so often but not to live in… makes me think of the people who peaked in high school… thinking that those were the best days of their lives… oh, how very glad I am that those were NOT the best days of my life! And that I never thought they were so to begin with.
I’m pretty sure I’ve got a LOT of best days ahead of me and this life only gets better the more it is well-lived in the shadow of Him



  1. Yes,agree. Think it is good to look in the past, but not live there.

  2. Oh so true. We can't live our lives going backwards. Have you heard the song, "Psinting Pictures of Egypt" by Sara Groves? Similar theme/ideas.

  3. "the backward glances and remembrances are fertilizer for the soil of our lives but we live forward." I like that. Nice thought!

  4. I had such similar thoughts when reading the prompt from Gypsy Mama - we are constantly wrestling with the forward/backwards paradox. Loved your line about the backwards glances being the fertilizer for the soil of our lives - ahh, just lovely. Thanks for articulating feelings I had too!

  5. Very nice post-- with the Lord our best days are always ahead of us!

    I enjoyed stopping by your blog!



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