Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wrapping up, finishing up and our bucket list

We're wrapping up school this week... lots of "finishing" going on.
I'm grading and entering grades and putting paperwork in proper places and the kids close books and put them back on shelves.
We're reminiscing about favorite books and lots of "Oh, remember when..." is going on.
It's been a good year.
We are finishing well.
And we're all glad it's coming to a close. We've got a fun summer planned out and loads of things we want to do together... including a day or two or twelve of "doing nothing" and just enjoying the season where laziness gets a bit of respectability.
The kids know the routine and know that we'll be sprinkling in math studies a couple of days a week. We do this every summer, as we believe it helps with retention plus it allows us to then test the kids out of the first two chapters of math (on average) as those are all review in most math programs.
We're planning our own Summer Bucket List...
End of school year camp-out with our homeschool group
Summer reading at the library
Family camping trips
Parades and fireworks
family hikes
firefly catching
making homemade ice cream
campfire cooking
Civil War Reenactments
Homemade bubble extravaganza
Going to the beach
Strawberry Picking
Raspberry Picking
Blueberry Picking
Mud pie making
Make freezer jam
Frog Catching
Nature Study
Summer Art Class
Plot out and play a monster game of croquet as a family
Visit Farmers Markets
Cut some pretty flowers from the side of the road
Bake something for the neighbors
........................... And that's only a slice of the list
Doesn't that all sound like so much fun?! It seems like every day the kiddos have another idea to add to the list. Plus we've all started our own little individual lists-- this is the family list but the kiddos have some things they'd each like to do this summer. For example Ms. Books wants to learn to sew a skirt and make an archeological sifting box. Sassafras wants to learn to sew a pillowcase and make a curtain for their bedroom. She also wants to fill up the entire sidewalk in front of our house with chalk drawings. Mr. Conductor wants to completely master tying his shoes, make five different colors of playdough, make a teepee with his Papa, perfect his casting (fishing) and catch a big fish. My list includes a kitchen redo. Mr. Steady wants to get in some good fishing time this summer and go out on a [thrifty] date with me at least three times...
It's gonna be a fun summer!


  1. Amy, what are you doing to your kitchen? Two years ago we did a "redo" of sorts. We painted, put new pull knobs on the cabinets, and put in a new laminate counter-top. We got "wilsonart" brand counter-top. It has held up great. It was inexpensive and looks wonderful. I was very happy with my inexpensive redo.
    Sorry to hear about your BIL's fire.

  2. Lynne- Its mostly going to be a lot of painting but its going to look completely different because we are finally painting our cabinets! I'm still narrowing down colors right now. We can't afford to replace the counter top and so we're gonna try something new and different and paint that too (Rustoleum has a paint for countertops). So excited!!!



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