Monday, May 9, 2011

Today is a crazy good day: Back on track

Today there is laundry on the line
Flowers on the patio table sunning themselves
The last of last year’s harvest of green beans sitting out thawing for supper
Bread baking
Plans for setting the table for a special family meal
Prayers for my mama who is having knee surgery
Schooling finishing up… so close to being done

Today I am most content.
My everyday ordinary walking-around life is beautiful in its simple imperfectness.
I looked in the mirror this morn, grinned big and said to just me, “Today is going to be a good day. It doesn’t have to be any kind of crazy but crazy good.”
Sometimes you just gotta talk to yourself and give yourself a good ol’ fashioned pep talk. After my previously ugghhy week, I needed to start this one better…
My weekend was completely and utterly wondiforious.
Flower shopping with my mama, sis and darlingbeyondwords niece Bee.
Which included lunch out at an itty bitty café… where I ordered an omelet… they had all-day breakfast and it sounded good so why not? I say!
Saturday evening was some pampering from my fam…. Made to order nachos, fluffified pillows, the best seat in the living room along with family movie nite and mama not having to clean up or do dishes…. Blissdom.
Sunday morning breakfast in bed.
A 3 course breakfast.
With flowers.
And homemade special just for me cards.
My son opened up every door for me.
All. Day. Long.
I could go on but you get the picture.
It was a much needed weekend of rest… doing things I wanted to do with the people I love the mostest.
And I got 2 naps in.
Yes, TWO.
Our pastor is preaching a wonderful serious on finding our calling…
In which I was reminded that my first and foremost calling is here.
At Home.
Teaching and raising my three kidlets and loving on my amazing putsupwithjustabouteverycrazythingIdosayorthinkup husband.
Everything else much branch out from this core calling…
Once again I’ve gotten distracted… once again I’ve fallen back into my people-pleasing ways that just don’t always line up with the God-pleasing that is suppose to be going on around here…
Letting others opinions of me matter too much… focusing on my faults and failures too much.
Well, I’m so done with that.
What matters is in this home, tucked into three clean beds…
And the man curled up next to me and snoring to raise the roof…


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