Sunday, May 1, 2011

Six weeks of Groceries, Under $400, Family of 5

And so my six week grocery bill posts come to a close. I have even surprised myself at how well we did. I have to say- not every six week period is like this… there are many times when the grocery envelope is empty and there are still items on my list…
This has been a great test for me as we look at gas prices rising and we all know this will affect our grocery budget (and the budgets of many, many other families). Mr. Steady and I are always looking for ways we can trim the budget and save a bit more… but I don't really know how much more we can trim! Good thing summer and gardening season is coming…

Grocery Bills-- Week Six
April 24-30

16 oz. pkg Wide Egg Noodles 2 @ $.79 each
3 dozen large eggs @ $.99 each
32 oz. Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer 2 @ $3 each
Total Spent: $10.55

Wal-mart (all prices with tax)
Equate Shampoo $2.09
Suave Shampoo $1.46
Suave Conditioner $1.46
Crest Whitening Toothpaste $3.25
20 ct. 30 gallon trash bags $3.86
Coco Wheats Hot Cereal $2.98
12 ct. Double Roll Angel Soft Toilet Tissue $6.33
Cheesecake box mix $1.66
Ibuprofen (2 pack) $4.24
Pillsbury Strawberry cake mix $1.00
Pillsbury Whipped Strawberry frosting $1.62
Ragu Cheese Sauce $1.66
Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce $1.00
3 lb. frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts $6.98
Total Spent: $39.59

Grand Total spent on groceries
for the week: $50.14

Note:  A couple of quick, convenient grocery shopping trips this week. Due to our crazy family schedule, we were in town six days this past week so it was easy to stop at the store and pick up a few things…
As you can see this was a week to stock up on some health and beauty needs… shampoo, ibuprofen, toilet paper… And after finishing my 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge we needed more big black garbage bags… I used them all!
In six weeks, we’ve spent 
on groceries. 
Averaged out this comes to $64.81 per week, which is $10 under to our budget of $75.00/week.
The $25 we saved this week on our groceries was given to Ms. Books for 30 Hour Famine (she and I went hungry for 30 hours this weekend! Incredible experience… really) along with the $25 saved from the week before. That $50 will feed one child for 50 days....Isn’t that amazing? That's just over 8 weeks of food for a child on the money saved in my six week grocery budget. We are thrilled to be able to contribute to such an amazing ministry. It does tend to put things in perspective… when you’re sitting there—not having eaten for 15 hours and the hunger is gnawing at your belly and all you can think about and talk about it food and then it hits you—in 15 hours you will eat and no longer feel this way but there are people everywhere that will go longer than that without food…

Our Six weeks are up… I spent $388.88 of my budgeted $450.00… the money saved went to purchasing foodie items for our children’s ministry at church and to feed a child for 50 days.
The next six weeks bring in, we hope, the beginnings of outdoor cooking season… Its also time for our quarterly trip to the Amish store to stock up on our favorite cheeses, bulk items, spices and such...

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