Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quotes I'm chewing on...

I was adding a few more quotes to my quote book and flipping back thru and reading things I've added... sometimes I write down the date I add a quote, other times I add a notation about why that quote speaks to me... 
The following two quotes are written back to back in my quote book, no notations or dates beside them... I read them yesterday. I read them again today.
I am pondering on them lots... when I ponder on things lots I like to say, "I'm chewing on it." Words can be like food... some are quick and light and slide right down and others are heavy and require us to take smaller bites and chew thoroughly...
This is me, chewing thoroughly...

"When we come back to things that really matter, 
then peace begins to settle into our lives 
like golden sunlight sifting to a forest floor. 
And somewhere deep down inside 
we know that simpler times are better times." 
-- Thomas Kinkade

"Picture a place where you're yearning to be. 
A place where work, home, 
and play are properly balanced, 
where people exist peaceably, 
where relationships flourish. 
A place where there's time for what's really important. 
Picture life the way you're hungry to live it, 
in your deepest heart of hearts. 
Picture simpler times." 
– Thomas Kinkade 

This is me, making word pictures in the deepest spaces of me.

Really matter
Deep down
Really important
Hunger for
Deepest heart

I'm still chewing... so much in my heart here... prayers I've been praying for so long... deep desires I've been holding... for so long... that I've started questioning... asking God that if it isn't also His desire for me and mine that He would just take that desire away from my heart... just lift it and release me from it... And yet still it stays, way down to the deepest parts of me and percolates... 
There are bubbles of joy --FRESH JOY-- in these prayers and desirings and He stirs them and stirs me and I chew some more...


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