Monday, May 2, 2011

Menu Plan- Roman Meal, Roast Beef & Cinco de Mayo

Oddly, it is not real cooks who insist that the finest
Ingredients are necessary to produce a delicious
Something…. Real cooks take stale bread and
Aging onions and make you happy.
–Susan Wiegand

The Yellow Farmhouse Weekly Menu Plan

for May 2-8th    

Notes:  We have another themed meal for school this week- an Ancient Roman Meal… Sassafras is cooking this time. On Tuesday, we'll have roast beef in the crockpot: one roast in pot top with large can of beef broth, some minced onion and a couple of bay leaves and cook for 6-8 hours.... Leftovers will then become beef-n-noodles on Wednesday nite. We're making a big batch of rolls for the Roman dinner and will be eating them with out meals for at least three nites this week.

Monday –Themed Meal for School: Roman Meal
Breakfast: Apricot and cranberry oatmeal, toast
Lunch: Loaded Baked Potato Soup, bread-n-butter
Dinner: Roman Meal: shredded pork, hard boiled eggs, olives, grapes, pears, yeast rolls, salad, cheese
Dessert: Cheesecake (yes- it is on the list for an Ancient Roman Meal- yummo!)
Note: The soup- Ms. Books recipe: can of cream of potato soup, soup can water, crumbled bacon, shredded cheddar cheese, two dollops sour cream- simmer for approximately 10 minutes- til cheese melts.
Breakfast:  Yogurt smoothies, toast
Lunch:  diner dinner (choice of leftovers)
Dinner:   Crockpot Roast beef, steamed veggies, rolls 
Breakfast: Yogurt with fresh fruit, toast
Lunch:  sandwich wraps, cheese, chips
Dinner:  Beef-n-noodles, salad, pickle spears, rolls
Thursday Cinco de Mayo
Breakfast: Cinco de Mayo Eggs
Lunch:   nachos
Dinner: Mexican Lasagna, salad
Friday  -Homeschool Group Day
Breakfast:  Choice: Cereal or yogurt
Lunch:  Potluck- bring: beverage
Dinner:  Daddy Donalds [Dad’s loaded burgers on homemade buns, mama’s cheesy fries]
Breakfast: Daddy cook: eggs, bacon & toast
Lunch: Leftover Smorgasbord
Dinner: Leftover Smorgasbord
Sunday Mother’s Day
Breakfast: Surprise… Breakfast in Bed for Mama
Lunch:  Surprise- Daddy and kids cook
Dinner: lunch leftovers
Beverages for the week:
Milk, Water, lemonade
Snacks for the week:
Cookies, homemade yogurt and jam, hard boiled eggs, hummus & pretzels
Desserts this week:
Cheesecake, ice cream sundaes

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