Monday, May 16, 2011

Lilacs & Breezes, Sweet & Bitter, Friends & Wounds

Multitude Monday at Ann’s today….
Sharing our Endless Gratitude…. And this is mine…
photo of Spring Branches & Home by Mr. Conductor
Lord Thank You for these gifts….
Sunshine streaming through windows
Bread baking
Having my in-laws over for supper… honoring my mother-in-law
My mama’s surgery went well…
And her recovery is going well
Letting Ms. Books stay with Nana and be her helper for 5 days
The ache in my heart from missing my oldest those five days… thank you Lord for the gift she is to me in so very many ways
Homeschooling is portable
Leftovers for lunch
Inside jokes
The zippity-zip in my heart just from holding his hand
Little bouquets of flowers everywhere
Mr. Conductor’s hard and fast mama kisses
Lilacs are blooming!
A lovely warm breeze coming through an open window bringing with it just the hint of lilacs
The sweet in the midst of the bitter
Trusting God even when it hurts and I’m confused
Giving it over to Him…
Giving it over again
And again
Pouring out my worry & hurt at His feet and knowing He knows
Wonderful phone calls from my dear sweet friend
Walking beside my friend teaching each other trust
Praying this verse for us both: Wounds from a friend can be trusted. Proverbs27:6a
Helping my mama and Bringing Ms. Books back home
Family Time
Date night
Being a part of an effort to raise money for building a church in Loma [Dominican Republic]
Coffee at 9 pm with good friends
Sleeping beside him. Every. Night.
Family projects
My children’s best friends
Growing and growing tomato plants… praise You for the abundance

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  1. Here from Ann' many blessings! "Giving it over to Him" my favorite =)



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