Monday, May 2, 2011

Journals, insurance, bedtimes, flowers, plays and Loving Hungry

Multitude Monday at Ann’s today….
Sharing our Endless Gratitude…. And this is mine….
Lord Thank You for these gifts….

Waking up to a quiet house
Quiet contemplative breakfast for one
Prayer time
Our 7 Gifts journals… we’re on our third week
A beautiful box to store our filled up journals
My hubby sending me off to lay down for a nap
Phone call from a friend bursting to share good news
Nightmares aren’t real
Our car
My camera
Figuring out our life insurance… locked in for 20 years for twice as much coverage at same price we were paying… thank you Dave Ramsey
Ms. Books mad sewing skills
Bedtime- bushed- everyone, even mama, falling asleep right away
Colored pencils
Rewards of hard work
New mystery novel to read
Funny emails
Big jars full of pickles
Extra boxes of Kleenex
My husband’s grin
Enough money to pay the bills
With a bit left over to save for a family vacation
Smell of hyacinths by the church door
Displays of my children’s artwork
Mr. Conductor’s animal beanie baby collection and the ways he creates vignettes with them
Ms. Books as Tattoo Bill with some of the cast
 from our homeschool group's production of Peter Pan
My homeschool group: LAMP (Learning At My Place) and Friday nite’s amazing homeschool production
Apricots in my oatmeal
Pots of Ivy
Love Hungry
Breaking a 30 hour fast with communion
The taste of a plain ol’ saltine cracker after 30 hours of just water… the breaking of the bread together

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  1. I found you Amy at Ann Voskamp's gratitude blog. Your picture of the blue eggs in the nest attracted me. Beautiful photo. Enjoyed your gratitude list too. Many blessings to you, Julie



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