Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hooking up with other Hip Homeschool Mamas

Today I am linking up with
I consider our homeschool to be a personalized, hands-on, W Family Crazy version of The Charlotte Mason Style.
We love Living Books. And I mean LOVE!
And Just because.... Here's a link to what's what for our curriculum for 2011-12.
As we wind down the 2010-11 school year I am already plotting and planning out schedules for next year for our poetry and character studies... 
This is the guide I use for choosing our Poetry Studies.
And this is the link for Character Studies.
Of Note: I stay right on track age/grade wise with the Poetry studies but tweak the character studies.
Mr. Conductor will be in 2nd grade and doing this study.
Sassafras will be on track with this one, which Ms. Books just did this school year (totally and completely recommend this book!!!).
Ms. Books however will be using two books for the year, starting with Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations by the Harris twins (she's already grabbed it out of next year's school box) and then this one.
So... what's your schoolin' style?


  1. we are a living books-loving family, also! Loved seeing what you are diving into..I think I will check out the Harris book, sounds like a great topic!

  2. Eclectic - sometimes there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to our educational style =D I adapt each year to each child's (and Mom's) needs. As they grow older I tend to introduce outside classes (via homeschool co-ops, etc.). I like them to read (a lot!) and find a mix of classics and contemporaries. Grammar is more important to me than writing while they are younger. I didn't know about Charlotte Mason when I started out, so we fell into an adapted version of Classical schooling that has transitioned into our own unique style.



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