Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a day in the life...

An ordinary day in the midst of an ordinary week…
The laundry is all folded, mostly put away
School is done— studies of Caesar Augustus, predicate nominatives, sharks and algebraic equations… we all think Roman aqueducts are awesome but are ohsovery thankful for flushing toilets, metal pipes and water from the tap.
Went to the library… They were holding a book for mama… 
oh how I love a quick mystery read and today is a beautiful afternoon for porch swing reading…
Our choice of leftovers for lunch… we like it like that… except for the ants that formed a squadron on the pears Mr. Conductor left sitting out from breakfast… bleh…
Mr. Steady mowed the grass last nite and the only pickable dandelions left are bobbing their heads in the breezy clumps where trimming is needed… don’t think they’ll be there much longer.
Weedlings are everywhere… gotta find the gardening gloves
Mr. Conductor whoops it up on his scooter as Sassafras sits on the sunwarm steps and reads a stack of library books…
Ms. Books isn’t here
And I miss her
She’s off nursing Nana who just had knee surgery.
So thankful homeschooling is portable and goes where she goes so that she can be a help where needed most
But I still miss her
I’ve got the agenda all typed up and spiffy for tonight’s meeting
And chicken is thawing for our dinner
Sass just came in for a popsicle… we’ve got gads thanks to me being preemptive about the ice cream truck that toodles around town… Mr. Conductor wants Oreos instead
“They are more deliciouser,” he states.
And off they go
We’ve got windows open
I’m barefootin’
Oh, how we’ve longed for these days, this weather
The porch swing creaks, a welcomed familiar sound
Such a regular nothing outstanding oh so ordinary Tuesday
And I like it just like that…


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