Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yogurt, Domesticity & a farm....

I am currently very much in love with making my own yogurt. Getting quite the domestic rush from it really…
And the whole family is on the bandwagon too. I’m making it at least once a week. I know that if I had bought plain yogurt form the store and tossed some fruit on it the reception wouldn’t be so kind— but for the simple reason that its homemade by us makes it simply delicious. Homemade goes a long way in this house. My children see the value in it and are more apt to try new things because they’ve been a part of the process. Two of my kiddos were never big on salad until we started growing our own lettuce…
I wonder… if we didn’t have a real need to be frugal would we have developed a desire to be frugal, and in this desire to be frugal, develop a desire to try for more homemade?
It would have been a shame if we hadn’t… we find we like doing it… quite a lot.
We love our homemade:
Rolls & buns
Pizza dough
Crazy bread
Trail mix
Cleaning products
Laundry detergent

We’ve had lots of successes with figuring our way into making more homemade but there have also been some so-so stuff- the really heavy whole wheat bread, the runny yogurt, the dough that didn’t rise, trying to eat asparagus (which none of us really liked and I’m so glad we didn’t decide to grow our own), the sugar scrub I made with olive oil (like the recipe said) that smelled like a salad…. And few or so more—but these we tend to forget as we enjoy our successes.
I look at the joy and pride my kiddos get from these tasks— how they all grasp for the domesticity and hands hard work that I shirked as often as possible when I was their age. I know they love the almost instant tangible results they achieve. I joy in it greatly and am wistful about my own “misspent youth”… I, who grew up on a farm and didn’t appreciate it and at times even resented it… here I am with a husband and three prodigy that long for a farm for our family. Here I am, an adult, longing right along side them. Dreaming of chickens and fresh eggs, goats and a cow (for meat, not milking- I haven’t completely tipped off my rocker)…. A bigger, much bigger garden and a greenhouse- oh how I’d like one of those! Putting up the harvest, tromping through muck in green wellies… gathering flowers from a cutting garden, giving away pumpkins because we grew too many…
Oh, they’ve got me dreamin’… but for now, I work on what I can where I’m at… making my own yogurt, laughing as I try to twist a pretzel just so, growing sprouts in a cardboard box lined with foil on my laundry table, letting my daughters talk me into wearing an apron All. Day. Long. Making cleaners from vinegar and orange peels… hanging laundry on my line…


  1. You really inspire me! Would love to try making home made yogurt!

  2. Here's the recipe:
    I tweaked it a bit-- I cook on warm for 3 hours not 2 1/2 stated. Also- I add 3/4 cup dry milk when I mix warm milk and starter... I've found this makes my yogurt just the right thickness. Yum!



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