Friday, April 1, 2011

Week Two comes in under budget

Week Two of posting my grocery bills- I doubt this is something I will continually do-- but I do plan on posting my weekly totals for at least 6 weeks to give a broad enough scope of our shopping adventures. 
Pay-n-Pakit is the little discount store just down the road from Mr. Steady's work and the other two stores are located in the next town (about 16 mile drive round-trip)... we're in town on average 3 times a week with church and other activities, so I need to be careful of making pop-in convenience trips that cost extra $. However, this makes it easy for us to combine errand running and save on gas mileage.
Here's the run down for this week...
Pay-n- Pakit
Powerade 3 @ 89 cents
5 oz. bag chips  2 @ 99 cents
16 oz. Chip Dip $1.99
1 Gallon Milk $2.99
8 pk Hamburger Buns 89 cents
1 Gallon Ice cream $4.89 (splurge
Total Spent $15.41
1 gallon Milk $2.39
16 oz. Sour Cream $.98
1 can Enchilada sauce $1.22
24 oz. jar Great Value Salsa $1.98
12 oz. Frozen blueberries $2.75
15.8 oz can Northern Beans 2 @ .92
33.9 oz. Great Value Coffee (Classic Roast) $5.12
1 gal. Kosher Dill Pickles $4.56 (we consider this a splurge)
Red Cabbage 1.78 lb. $1.37
GV Plastic wrap $3.15 (with tax)
Total Spent: $25.36
16 oz. Deli Macaroni Salad $ 1.99
8 pc Fried Chicken from deli $6.35 (w/tax)
5 lb. bag Clementine Oranges $5.99
Total Spent: $14.33
Grand Total Spent on Groceries for the week: $55.10
Of note: very bummed we are buying frozen blueberries. We have run our handpicked supply dry. We all vow to pick much much more this summer. Ms. Books needs the cabbage for a science experiment. It is doubtful we will use it all. What do you do with cabbage? We are not cabbage eaters and not big on cole slaw. Can you freeze it? Also our purchases at Meijer are splurge purchases for a special picnic-style lunch for Ms. Books last bible quiz.
It thrills me to see that I have come in under budget ($75) two weeks in a row- even with such splurge purchases. It is my plan to come in under budget next week too.This makes it so that on week four I can do major shopping at Aldi without breaking the bank. 
For those keeping track- We've spent $99.08 in two weeks on groceries. This allows me to set aside an extra $50.92 towards week four's big stock up trip.

Week One Grocery Bills Spent $43.98

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  1. Wow, fantastic! I love to cook, and it's hard to control myself at the grocery store with all the wonderful options. Produce, cheeses, and spices seem to do in my budget each time! But we eat well!



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