Saturday, April 9, 2011

Under budget again! Yahoo!

April 4-10 Grocery Bills.....
What I spent and what I spent it on....

4 dozen eggs @ 99 cents/dozen
Total Spent: $3.96
Colgate toothpaste $3.59 with tax
Meijer Root Beer 2 liter $.88
Red Onion .71 lb $.70
1 bunch Green Onion $.50
Romaine Lettuce .96 lb $1.62
Philadelphia Santa Fe Cooking Crème $2.99 (splurge)
3 lb frozen Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $6.99
Coffee Mate Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Creamer 24 oz. $3.28
Cranberry Pomegranate Juice 64 oz. $2.50 (splurge)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil  $2.00
Family Size Meijer Brand Corn Chips $2.50 (splurge)
Country Time Lemonade Mix $2.00 (splurge)
12 oz. Mexican 4 cheese blend (shredded) $3.00 (splurge)
Special 10 for $10 items {11th item free}
Meijer Brand dish Soap $1.00 + .06 tax
50 ct. Snack baggies $1.00 + .06 tax
25 ct. Quart baggies $1.00 + .06 tax
Betty Crocker Cake Mix- Triple Chocolate $1.00
Meijer Chocolate Fudge frosting $1.00
Hunts Diced Tomatoes (Italian & Fire Roasted) 2 cans @ $1.00 each
10 oz. Bag Curly Spinach leaves $1.00
Meijer 15 oz. bag pretzel sticks $1.00
Meijer Organic mushrooms $1.00
Meijer >>> oz. Jar Salsa- Corn & Black Bean FREE
Total Spent: $42.73
Grand Total spent on groceries for the week: $46.69

Notes: There are a few splurges on this list… the root beer is for root beer floats- which Dad and the kiddos decided was a great idea. The Philly cooking crème and Mexican cheese are splurges for a new recipe for next week. I’m not sure about the cooking crème- that’s expensive- hope the recipe is worth it. Country Time and cran-pom juice-- special for lunch with my sister and a dear friend. Corn chips are another Dad and kids purchase- to go with our chili on Sunday (instead of corn bread). I ended up spending a bit more than I had planned on this week (yet still under budget) because of Meijer’s 10 for 10 sale. Some of those items were on my Aldi list for next week but the price was better with this sale.
For those keeping track—I came in $28.31 under budget this week. In three weeks we’ve spent $145.77 on groceries. This has allowed for a total of $79.23 to be pocketed.Yahoo!


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