Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ugh Day

We’ve got us a big ol’ case of the gloomies here at the yellow farmhouse.

The weather continues to be dreary, dreary, dreary… and our moods have been swinging much the same way with a dollop of grumpy on top.
This mama especially.
A dear friend sent me a message on Monday—saying “call when you’ve got a minute.”
I didn’t call.
Felt too much ugly goin’ on and didn’t wanna.
We talked yesterday and I told her, “I’m sorry I didn’t call. You wouldn’t have wanted to talk to me. I’ve been acting like a stinker and didn’t want to share it.”
She laughed.
Ah, yes—I realize I should have called… her laugh was like a salve to me.
Sometimes I actually take myself too seriously.
My whole homeschool schedule was thrown into upheaval once again, the weather was crummy, pms-ing is sooooo happening… and things weren’t going my way… it was a pity party extravaganza… pretty darn awful.
I’ve been wallowing…
Way too much.
With the gloom of this morn, I just didn’t want to get up.
So I decided to call it a “late start” school day and stayed in bed… as did the kiddos.
Why not? My schedule’s already been tossed…
Ms. Books is a day behind in her school too because of not feeling well and some mismanagement of her time last week, ahem. I asked her if she just wanted to take the rest of the week off and work on her young author’s story and catch up last week’s work. I’d just tack a week on to the end of the school year for her. She asked if I was doing the same for her brother and sister. My response, “Why? They’re not sick or behind.”
Yes, I could have oozed a bit more sympathy.
I wasn’t inviting her to my pity party but it seems she crashed it anyway.
Can’t say as I blame her…
Did I mention my schedule’s been thrown completely out-of-whack… again?
I like my schedule- I like how it all fits so nice and neatly… I may just be a bit obsessive about it… my friends tend to make fun of me and my ‘rigid’ schedule at times…
Now tut, tut —for the record: I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone quite a bit this school year with schedule changes (all for good reasons too- which I need to remind myself of)… guess this was just that “one too many” for me. Only four weeks of school to go after this one… I can see the finish line for us… I’ve got the fun summer schoolish projects lined up, ready and waiting…
So we slept in this morning.
And ate dessert for breakfast… glazed apple squares… yum.
Well, it did have fruit in it and we can count the dough crust as a bread…
Except for Mr. Conductor’s… he wanted a brownie.
I said yes.
Which was good because the last two days have been pretty much “NO!”
The weather is reflecting my mood and vice versa… this is not good.
My week is full of gotta-do’s… not much wiggle room and I’m stressing and the kids know it and this is just not good. So not good.
I read this quote today…

The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain. 
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

So I accept that today is a rainy day. A gloomy day. I accept that it may not be my best day… but its better than yesterday-----
After all, we slept in and ate dessert for breakfast.

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