Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Days, Prayer Prompts and Keeping Clean

I love to daily and specifically pray for my family. A few years ago a friend shared with me her system of praying daily specific prayers for herself and her family. I started creating my own system based on hers and then found this amazing prayer guide.... and realized I didn't have to reinvent the wheel.

This is my favorite prayer journal: The Busy Mom's Guide to Prayer. I've been using it for almost seven years along with the book of prayers from The Power of a Praying Wife and a bookmark listing 31 Biblical Virtues to Pray for your Children {download the list from Revive Our Hearts}, plus another bookmark of 20 Scripture-based Prayers to Pray for your Pastor {download a copy here}.
I simply love this prayer journal.... The back cover states:
1 Busy Mom
10 Minutes a Day
20 Days a Month
120 Power-filled Prayers
An Infinity of Blessings

Each day (for a total of 20 days) has a page of scripture-based prayer for the following subjects:
Personal Influences
Reaching Beyond
Plus 5 blank pages for you to personalize for each day

Each page begins with a prayer focus- example~ Day One: Praise-- Prayer Focus: Faithfulness. The prayer focus is followed by a scripture, a prayer rewriting the scripture and finishes with a prayer prompt specific to that day's focus.
I haven't filled up all the blank pages as I find the journal just about perfect for my needs.
What have I added?
20 prayer prompts for 20 areas of my home...areas- not rooms- I don't have 20 rooms... gotta think beyond the obvious-- prayer for our property, porch/entrance, doorways, foundation,  yard, garage, our street, neighborhood.
20 Specific prayers for our homeschool. Homeschooling is incredibly important to me and is a huge chunk of our family life- it IS our family life- we live a homeschool lifestyle so praying specifically is important.

I mark my spot where I leave off with the prayer bookmarks mentioned above (you can get the bookmarks here for kids and here for pastors or just print from the above links) and after 20 days have gone by I go back to Day One and start over.

As for the Power of A Praying Wife Prayer Book-- These are also categorized and specific: such as prayers for his work, his health, his walk, his fatherhood and more. I pray at least one prayer concerning me as his wife, one for his work and work my way through other prayers in the book. The book I have is older than the version available today- mine is smaller with perforated prayer cards... I've used it so much the binding is shot and so I put the cards in my own order. The new version is not perforated and has space for personal prayer notes. I think that's pretty sweet. And the book is small enough to tuck in your purse; a plus.
Why is this necessary? Why the prayer prompting books? Because I'm easily distracted by my every day walking around life and found myself being more generic than specific in my prayers for those closest and most important to me AND I was often completely forgetting other things I wanted to pray about like our church, missionaries, specific ministries, our nation and its leaders, political issues, unsaved friends, neighbors and more..... so much I wasn't covering in prayer and so very much wanted to...
Prayer has power. Prayer matters. Prayer causes changes to occur.
Corrie Ten Boom once said, "Any concern too small to be turned into a prayer is too small to be made into a burden." 
Isn't that perspective for you?
I send up arrow prayers all day long in this crazy, contented, all to common mama life I live... but I have also specifically chosen to begin my day bathed in prayer.
I stink when I don't.

Note: Links to these books are on the sidebar at the right- under My Favorites (widget).


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