Monday, April 11, 2011

Gratitude that leads to wholeness

Multitude Monday at Ann’s today….
Sharing our Endless Gratitude…. And this is mine….

Lord Thank You for these gifts….

Sister Days
Heart shaped rocks
Collection of bags mounting… going, going, gone!
My first gator ride of the year
Hearing the peepers singing
That moment when he catches my eye- and winks
Watching my little boy play
Listening to my girls sing while doing chores together
The embrace of a dear friend
Learning to be flexible
Sprouting seedlings
My parents
How they grand-parent my children with such love and devotion
And patience and care and nurturing and a whole lot of spoiling… in all the ways that count good
Wholeness- I feel it & am beginning to grasp it
Pussy Willow branch bouquets
Embracing quiet
Impromptu get-together with friends on a Sunday afternoon… you bring what you were making for lunch and put it together with mine and let the kids run around outside while we talk and relax….
Saying No

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