Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Civil War- great links for your Homeschool

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War and so begins a four year long national commemoration of the war. We took time out from our regular schooling schedule today (we're studying ancient history) to commemorate this in our home.
Today:: We have chosen to use Civil War era recipes in our cooking. Listen to music of the era and watch a couple documentaries plus a few youtube videos like the one above. We have discussed the various reasons for the war and our own personal opinions.

This has led the kids to ask to study this period of American History again.... after we just finished a two-year study on this very thing last year. We've agreed to take time out to pepper our curriculum with bits and pieces and Ms. Books has even suggested I may want to teach a Civil War History class for our co-op group. 
There are a ton of great resources out there for teaching this time period. Today I just downloaded this curriculum. I also like this curriculum-- Time Travelers: The Civil War from Homeschool in the Woods.
Great Music- the soundtrack from Ken Burns documentary.
The kids like this CD very much: Civil War Tribute Collection.
We're thinking of downloading this one: Songs of the Civil War.
The documentaries we are watching:
Ken Burn's The Civil War. (Playing on PBS stations right now)
Civil War: America Divided (Mr. Steady purchased this from the $5 DVD bin at Wal-mart- we  believe this to be a very good investment.)
If at all possible- I strongly suggest a visit to a Civil War battlefield to round out the curriculum. Our family has visited Gettysburg and Antietam battlefields-- we requested Junior Ranger packets for each child at both parks- I highly recommend doing the same. [Go here to download Antietam packets and here for online junior ranger adventures]

Edited to Add: I've created a Widget with Amazon full of great Civil War books and movies. You can find the widget on my sidebar at the right. Please note that you should preview everything- I've tried to mark the ones that would most definitely be for high schoolers but you might find some of the others a bit too much... you know your children best.


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