Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekly Menu Plan March 21-27

A meal of bread and water in contented peace
Is better than a banquet spiced with quarrels.
–Proverbs 17:1

The Yellow Farmhouse Weekly Menu Plan
for March 21-27    

Note: I forgot to pack the chicken salad for our sandwiches last Saturday! We ended up eating tomato and mozzarella sandwiches which were quite good but not as filling. And now I have two pounds of chicken salad for us to eat—No wasting here!

Breakfast: Homemade oatmeal with dried cherries, toast
Lunch:   chicken salad sandwiches with tomato & lettuce, sun chips, sliced cheese
Dinner: Breakfast for Supper!—sausage gravy and biscuits with a side of applesauce (with strawberry jam stirred in for extra yum!)
Breakfast:  Yogurt parfaits, toast
Lunch:  Diner Dinner (choice of leftovers)
Dinner:  Four cheese Mostaccioli Bake, steamed veggies & homemade garlic bread
Breakfast: Homemade oatmeal with blueberries, toast
Lunch: Quesadillas
Dinner: Veggie and ham Alfredo, garlic bread (leftover from Tues.)
Breakfast: choice of cold cereals and toast with jam
Lunch: Diner Dinner
Dinner: Daddy Donalds (homemade burgers and fries)
Breakfast: Oatmeal with raspberries, toast
Lunch: Nachos
Dinner: Meatball bake, apple sauce
Saturday – Ms. Books Bible Quiz
Breakfast: homemade oatmeal with blueberries & cranberries, toast
Lunch: Picnic style: sandwiches, chips, pickle spears, sliced cheese, apples
Dinner: out… fast food
Breakfast: Coco Wheats w/dried cherries, toast
Lunch: Crockpot Beef Stroganoff, homemade bread, steamed veggies
Dinner: nachos
[side note: didn’t have stroganoff or nachos last Sunday so carried it over for this week]
Beverages for the week:
Milk, Water, lemonade
Snacks for the week:
Cookies, cheese slices & crackers, popcorn, salsa and corn chips
Desserts this week:
Iced monkey bread, no bake cookies & Sassafras’s choice

Past menu plans: click here. Other's menu plans: click here


  1. Hi Amy,
    Your menu for the week looks great. I would like to invite you to bring a dish to Full Plate Thursday. Thank you for sharing and you have a great day!

  2. Miz Helen- thank you so much for the invite- I think I just might pop on over and "fill my plate".

  3. sounds like some good eats I have never iced my monkey bread care sharing how the icing is made?

  4. Shopannie- This monkey bread is the BEST. I just posted the easy-peasy recipe right on the blog just because you asked!
    Thanks for visiting!



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