Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunlight & glass sauce jars-- forget the linoleum

I have a delightful friend who recycles glass jars.
Into drinking glasses.
How wonderfully simple
and pleasing to the eye
Drinking glasses
The first time I visited her home she served our drinks in glass jars and I was smitten.
Smuckers jam jars
Sauce jars
Pickle jars
Even Mr. Steady commented on how neat it was.... what a great idea
"We should do that," he said.
Hmm. I already have a very nice collection of enamelware cups in blues, greens, reds, whites....
that I am also smitten with. {I've got about 50+ enamelware plates too.... oooohhhh}
And yet- after visiting my dear friend I found myself setting aside jars I found interesting instead of putting them in with the rest of the recycling.... they still don't have a proper place to sit.... no shelf designated to them. They often can be found sitting in a plastic bin on the kitchen floor. I've found I can't part with them.
Sometimes we drink from them.
Sometimes I put flowers in them.
Or rocks.
Or some of Mr. Conductor's possibles that I find here and there and everywhere.
Sometimes when we are down to the last 3-4 cupfuls of milk I'll pour the milk into one of the pretty jars.
And think how absolutely simple beautiful it looks. And how it takes up less space in my fridge and how every time I open the fridge and see the jar of milk I smile.
I've even found myself doing this with lemonade.... and drinking right from the jar.
How much fun is that!
Talk about simple upcycling.
They are oh so clever and cute for putting leftover sauces and gravies in-- so much so that I almost forget  that for some of these jars that was their intended, created for purpose!
Today when my feet felt that sun warmed spot on the kitchen floor-- and I looked down at all that beautiful light-- I had a quick crazy thought.
And I had to absolutely follow it through.
And so I placed a few of my jars on the floor in that gorgeous light and got all snap-happy with my camera....
Who cares about my icky 70's pock-marked, well worn linoleum that I tolerate much much more than even sort of like... and that it is currently not it's most spiffiest cleanest.
Doesn't matter
It's mere background
I'm all about sun light and glass jars.
And the beauty I see....

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  1. Your jars are pretty,especially with the sun streaming thru them. I often drink from my small canning jars,and enjoy them! Blessings jane



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