Thursday, March 17, 2011

Open doors, Open Windows & Crocuses

Oh the complete deliciousness of it all. The front door is wide open.... a window above the kitchen sink is raised high.... bedroom windows flung open for a little bit of spring airing out.... I know the colder temperatures aren't gone for good.... creeping back as the weekend draws closer but Oh, Oh! How I will enjoy this bit of Spring that's sprung today!
I found crocuses in the garden.... which is still covered in its winter blanket of fall leaves. Yet the crocuses found room to poke their heads out anyways. Such a sweet little 'hello'!
Of course I had to bring a few indoors for enjoying...
There's more homemade orange cleaner on the kitchen sill-- such a simple recipe. Orange peels soaking in white vinegar. Keep adding peels and enough vinegar to cover and let it sit- shake it every other day or so.... you know it's ready when the vinegar is a nice orange color and the smell of orange is wonderfully powerful.
I'll be needing to make another batch of my peppermint household cleaner too... in preparation for some real spring cleaning around here. Which I hope is in our near future.


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