Friday, March 25, 2011

New things tried- accomplished and it leads to a list... coming soon

I am feeling very accomplished.
Very much accomplished.
Not only did I fill 8 bags for my challenge this week but it seems the girls have decided to join me.
Who knew that Nana picking up some bed-risers at GW for Sassafras’s bed would lead to this? Who knew that Sass was hoarding so much stuff under that bed?! Egad!
So far she has added two bags to our tally- both of trash. I’m pretty sure there’s at least one more bag of trash and at least two bags worth giving away in that pile of debris.
She’s feeling very accomplished and so am I.
Other accomplishments this week:
I made homemade wheat bread from scratch without the bread machine. It’s a new recipe Mr. Steady shared with me from his Urban Farm magazine. The bread is pretty dense in my opinion but tastes phenomenal with chicken salad and a hefty slice of mozzarella cheese. I didn’t mind the task of making the bread but I have to say I like that I can dump everything in my bread machine and walk away- coming back in 3 hours to fresh bread. So in all probability I’m sticking with that method for my bread making.
Accomplishment #3- Ms. Books and I made homemade yogurt in our crockpot yesterday. It also tastes phenomenal. We will most definitely be doing this again. I even changed up the menu plan- we had yogurt and toast for breakfast today and will do the same tomorrow.  Following the recipe I linked to- we used whole milk and added a ½ up of dry milk to thicken it. Worked great. This might just become a weekly thing around here. I did make a note to self that next time I want to plan in such a way that the eight hours it needs in finishing time (14 hours total) will be while we’re all snoozing at night and wake up to fresh yogurt in the morning… instead of 11:30 at night.
#4- I created my own blog header following a wonderful tutorial from this blog. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for quite awhile… so very glad I took the time to teach myself. I’ve already changed the banner twice. It’s kind of like playing dress-up. I expect it to change again soon.
I think that’s a pretty good list of accomplishments… with 3 of the 4 being BRAND NEW things. Which makes me smile. And makes me think what new thing I could try next… not tomorrow or even next week- after all 3 new things in one week is a lot. Perhaps I should jot something new to accomplish once a month…
Sounds like a list is percolating in my head… when it finishes I think I might share it…
I can share this- one of my new things will be to redo my kitchen this spring/summer.
Yippee Skippy.

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  1. Amy, you totally rock. For real. I've been trying to figure out how to make a header for ages, without luck. (And no photoshop either...) Thank you!



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