Friday, March 25, 2011

Loving it- This week's grocery bills

Loving the frugal life….
I like a good challenge and I choose to see living frugally as such.
Especially when it comes to grocery shopping.
This week we have spent $43.98 on groceries.
Here’s what we purchased:

From Aldi’s
Fit n Active Red Berry Cereal $2.29 (a splurge for me! Comparable to Special K with Red Berries)
1 Dozen frozen beef patties $5.99
Onion soup mix $.69
4 cans of Cream of Chicken Soup @ $.49 each
Multigrain Crisps $1.99 (taste like sun chips- love them)
4 cans French cut green beans @ $.49 each
2 Fit n Active Neufchatel cream cheese @ $1.29 each (price jump!)
2 cans Tomato Paste @ $.39 each
3 cans Italian Wedding Style Soup @ $1.19 each (another family splurge- great to have on hand for those rushed nights)
24 oz. Honey $4.49
1 lb salted butter $2.29
Chocolate Syrup $1.15
Chocolate sandwich cookies $1.49 (Aldi's knock-off of Oreos)
Protein Bars $4.49 (splurge- Ms. Books snacks for quiz day)
12 oz. Fruit Jam $1.99 (splurge- bought specifically for homemade yogurt)
Total spent: $37.52

From Pay-n-Pakit
Hot dog buns $.89
1 gallon Vitamin D Milk $2.99 (for yogurt making)
1 can mushrooms $.59
Salt and Vinegar Chips $1.99 (splurge from Mr. Steady for him and kiddos)
Total spent: $6.46

This is all we needed for this week's menu plan plus a bit of stocking up (cream cheese, soups, canned beans, butter). This also includes some ingredients for our first try at making homemade yogurt in the crockpot.

Edited to Add: I would not normally go to Aldi's with such a short list. I usually keep my Aldi's  trips to once every three weeks, four if I can really stretch it. However, I was out and about with my momma and she planned a stop at Aldi's so I picked up the few things that were on my Aldi's list (my last trip to Aldi's was 2 weeks ago). Pay-n-Pakit is a little discount grocery store just down the road from where Mr. Steady works- so it is super convenient for those "Oops I forgot to pick up" items. We don't buy much from there but I have a small list in my price book of the good deals he can get there. For example- Just last week eggs were 99 cents a dozen there. He bought three.

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  1. Good for you! It is getting so hard to buy groceries cheaply,I am still trying to put back,but things are costing so much. Good for you though.Blessings jane



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