Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Living radically thru ordinary days

I still find each day too short for
all the thoughts I want to think,
all the walks I want to take,
all the books I want to read, and
all the friends I want to see.
-John Burroughs

Ah, dear me.... short. days.
I am swamped by all that I need to do, have to do, must do and trying to squeeze in the "want to do's".....
We've had a lot of celebrating goings ons.... Sassafras turned 11.
Oh me. Oh my. Double Ones.
And Mr. Conductor will be 6+1 in a few days....
busy homeschool schedules
birthday field trips for the family
homeschool group days
birthday parties
church activities.... quizzing, quizzing and more quizzing
meal planning and meal making
time spent with friends
making plans for a mini-get-away for our 17th wedding anniversary
taking care of a loved one who's laid up
Goodwilling with my Mama
more laundry
bible study homework
science experiments
writing my writings.... I'm speaking at  MOPS group next week....
handmade projects for birthdays and new babies
homeschooling plans and book lists and orders for 2011-12
and so on and so forth....
It is so easy to get sucked into the whirlwind of constantly doing, doing, doing
and feeling like I'm falling further and further behind.....
Today was a day to prioritize.... to stop time and take note....
Starting my day with quiet time- prayer.... devotions..... spilling my overwhelmed heart and head out to the Him who understands me ever more better than me.... something I've been so lax in doing these crazy, crazy days.... and I can feel the difference it has wrought.... not good...
So I put myself to the task of starting well so that I, in turn, may finish well.
Telling Him my list of things that need doing and asking Him to help me put it in order....
I can't do this myself..... I'll fail each and every time in all the little and big ways that matter most.
Miss the moments that are shot through with the silver threads of Fresh Joy.
Pure treasures- Like baking with my boy. Putting together a sewing project with my oldest. Sharing a silly poem and making up the most hilarious couplets with my middle one....
Kissing my hubby in the middle of the kitchen in the midst of the mess of the daily living of this crazy ohsovery ordinary life because it is most simply the rightest thing I can do at that exact moment.
Eating cake for breakfast.... Letting the kiddos have cake for breakfast. Because it's fun..... in fact it is so different its Radical.
How's that for ordinary.... Hmm. Gets me to thinking.... I live a ohsovery ordinary radical life
with each day being a radical blessing- even if it might be in disguise some days....
each day radical because He's in charge- not me.... giving up my spot in my own selfish life is pretty radical. 
Radical because I dare to live differently and not be shy about it.... embracing my inner weirdo and letting it shine. Its better than okay to be different and not fit into any one mold. He loves me for me and my Mr. Steady loves the me I am.... and my three very own.... 
I am ordinary
and I live an ordinary life
in the most radical ways....


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