Saturday, March 5, 2011


How did it happen that seven years have gone by?
When I look at it from one way…. It seems so sudden- like it just crept up and jumped out at me.
And in others… it’s as if you’ve always been here… My heart and soul can’t quite seem to remember this family without you in it…
I’m sure this is the way is should be… this is how a mama should feel.
You, my son, undo me. With your grin, quick wit and hilarious comments…
your hugs, your maniac laugh, the way you fold your arms and  tuck your head in and give us the stink eye when you’re frustrated….
your kindness and compassion- how you seek out the hurting and sit beside them…which seems to be your way of saying ‘whatever it is your are facing- you don’t face it alone’…
I love that just yesterday you made me wait so you could open my car door for me and how you took my hand and walked with me, beside me, continuing to hold my hand all through the store.
I love how you run faster than fast up to me, come to a screeching halt, throw your arms around me to give me your very biggest hugs and proclaim “I just HAD to say I love that you’re my mama!”
I love that each and every nite we sing our special song, I’ll Love You Forever and then you wait expectantly for me to lean down and whisper in your ear, “I think you have what it takes to grow up to be a great, godly man.” You grin big every time… this doesn’t get old.
Once not so long ago you took me aback when you replied, “Do you really think so Mama? Do you think I’ve got what it takes?” And I swallowed hard and hugged you tight and told you Yes… “As long as you put God first in everything you can’t not be…” And you nodded knowingly and smiled big and mischievous like and for a moment my mind wonders… I ponder about the man you will some day be.
I don’t ponder that often- I just can’t. I don’t dare try to push the future any faster than it’s already coming but I do pray for it holds. Mightily.
You are already becoming a good man and around here we like to cultivate that kind of behavior… I can’t help but hope that you will always want to be just like your dad.
Because I know that you can’t go wrong with that…
He is a great, godly man…
And so is your PawPaw.
What incredible examples you have before you my son… these are men to emulate.
Not so long ago we went on a winter hike and as I lagged behind I watched you hop from foot to foot with big hopping strides- making sure that your every footfall fell inside your daddy’s… some day, way, way too soon for this mama you will no longer have to take big hopping strides and your footprint will not fit so small inside of his…
Whew. What thoughts to be thinking!
Those days will come all too soon, so I will not court them. Instead I will enjoy these piles upon piles of moments that make up our ordinary every days.
Because I like these ordinary every days just fine.
So glad SEVEN has 365 ordinary every days in it…. I’m sure I’m gonna need every one of them.


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