Monday, February 28, 2011

Thanks for the hard day

Multitude Monday at Ann’s today….
Sharing our Endless Gratitude…. And this is mine….

Lord, I am thankful for this hard day, this difficult day. It hasn’t been my best day- but neither has it been my worst. You have said- the worst is never the worst.  And I’m thinking on that today. I’m thinking that today is a lot like the ice storm day last week… it has its hard crust on top of all the wonderful white fluffiness. It had ice that bent and bowed- brought low and even broke branches… and yet it was astoundingly beautiful… I know that to break thru the hard crust of this day will get me to the white fluff- the overflowing, spreading grace and mercy. I choose to be the branch that bends and bows under the weight… I will bend my knees, bow my head and succumb to You. I am so completely unable to do anything on my own. And I see a glimpse- I catch it- I am an astoundingly beautiful mess… because You make beauty from my messes. Yay!
I am so thankful for this hard day- to know that I don’t always have to have my act together- or even the teensiest bit close to acting like its together… it can continue to completely unravel and I’ll be okay.

Lord Thank You for these gifts….

Beautiful messes
Pain-filled Smiles
Grace in difficult moments
His never-ending mercy
Changes in perspective
Overcoming frustration
Quiet spaces
Birthday celebrations
Pink candles
Blisters from hard work
The surprise delivery of a hot cup of coffee
One thing marked off my to-do list
Hard prayers
Comfort food
Choosing joy when it’s difficult
Today has an end
Tomorrow has a beginning…. A new start

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