Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thanking Him for the everydayness that is mine

Multitude Monday at Ann’s today….
Sharing our Endless Gratitude…. And this is mine….

421-452-- Lord Thank You for these gifts….
Rosy pink cheeks
Hands deep in warm sudsy dish water
That accomplished tiredness that comes from time spent working hard and a job well done
Stacks of cut wood taller than me
Little boy eyes, like mine, looking right at me and him saying “Only one I love more than you, Mama, is God.”
Moments that just reach out and grab you
And take your breath away- poof- like that and you know you won’t be the same ever again
That tiny typed prayer that I’ve carried in my prayer box necklace for 3 years
Unmerited favor
My unworthiness and how He so chooses to overlook it
The words of my mouth and meditations of my heart- may He find them daily acceptable
The feelings of the beginnings of finally figuring out how to live in the skin I’m in
Going out for dinner and deciding to order dessert instead
Our Stories…. And telling them
Little boys humming themselves to sleep
Butterfly kisses
The squeeze of a held hand- reassurance
That I find myself writing thankfuls on an envelope because it was handy and I needed to write now!
Brushing my fingers across a boy cheek
Their freckles- she calls them angel kisses
This book that makes me think deeper, experience deeper and grow different
Sighs of pure contentment- Bliss!
How the snow glistens in moonlight
The knowledge that it really is darkest just before the dawning of new light
Friends that really get me- know me- like me
That I like me
The fresh Joy of having fun
That my laugh sounds more & more like Gramma’s cackle
The hum & practicality of a portable heater
Smiley face notes
“I Love You” written on the steamy bathroom mirror

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful list of everyday! I especially liked your description of accomplished tiredness. . . such a satisfactory feeling!



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