Friday, January 14, 2011

Catch up week wasn't what I expected and that's good

I often like to label my life as Controlled Chaos.
Except for when it’s not….
This week has been a bit off…. What with Gram’s passing and funeral last week…. The Christmas decorations were only half down and half packed away and school was less than half completed and us spending every nite with family…. away from our little home.
My little home is a mess.
This is not controlled chaos.
I only did laundry once last week.
I had a grand plan for this week…. In theory and on paper it would have worked….
Except for the simple fact that perception doesn’t equal reality.
Monday was suppose to be catch up day- catch up on school, on laundry, on decoration packing and house restoring….
Ah, nope.
It is now Friday. My stove top still has hardened goo.
There are three boxes packed and put away but about 4-5 more to go.
Two laundry baskets of laundry sit in the living room- one full of folded clothes and the other a partial.
There’s another load in the dryer, one In the wash and one waiting to wash.
The homemade birthday cards that were suppose to be made and mailed on Monday just got done today- and the birthday is today.
I wanted to bake bread this week. It didn’t happen.
However- when I think on it- it was a catch up week…. We were all so strung out from holiday celebrations and then Gram’s passing…. we’ve been on the go, doing, making, etc. since early December…. And add into it last week’s emotional drain….
This week was a catch up week on just being.
Being all here- present and accounted for.
So the laundry still isn’t caught up- but we played in the snow.
So the stove top is awful- the sink is clean, dishes are put away and meals were cooked the whole week thru….
We caught up on some sleep and slowed things down a few notches.
Did a lot of laughing, read some books and enjoyed ourselves in the midst of the mess.
I’m okay with that.
It’s all good.
One week’s all though- I cannot stand untidy home spaces….
Today we’re ship-shaping some of this up.
Getting back on track has taken a bit longer than I expected…. January is half gone….
But we’re alright and that’s good.
Nobody ran out of clean underwear.
And that’s even better…. Considering the alternatives.
So in closing, January- take your time, lumber along…. Don’t rush me or push me to finish up. I’m enjoying this space right here and the chaos is getting just a bit more controlled every day. I’ll tame the laundry and sparkle the stove and toss those Legos in a lidded bin and we’ll turn down the lights, light some clean smelling candles and pretend the cobwebs and dust don’t exist.

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  1. I couldnt have said it better! there will always be messes, but nothing is written in stone,so enjoy your family now,and the rest will follow naturally! I am following your blog,you are welcome to follow mine as well,Blessings,jane



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