Thursday, December 9, 2010

Upside Down Gift Giving

I have discussed [click here] that we give 3 gifts to each of our children for Christmas.
A Gold Gift…. Something they really want and/or the most expensive gift on their list
A Frankencense Gift…. A gift that will grow their relationship with the Lord
A Myrrh Gift…. Something they can wear or something that helps care for the body (special soaps, lotions, shampoo….)
As you can see from the names- our gifts represent the 3 Gifts the Wise Men gave Jesus.
Mr. Steady and I also join in on the 3 Gifts- giving to each other.
Other Gifting Traditions:
Christmas Stockings
Wooden Shoes filled with Candy
Christmas Eve Jammies
Christmas Ornaments

Last year we added….
Gifts to Jesus. Each of us wrote a letter to Jesus explaining what we would give Him throughout the next year [example: I gave Jesus my patience and trust. Mr. Conductor drew a picture of giving Jesus his heart- he was saved June14, 2009] On Christmas Eve, we each picked a piece of Christmas decorated paper, grabbed a pen or two and went off to our own little spot to think and pray…. We wrote our letters and slipped them into a special box. We opened the box on Christmas morning and each read their letter out loud. We found this to be very special for our family and plan to continue…. Adding our Gifts to Jesus until the box is full…. Then we’ll get another box.
This year we have decided to add another tradition:
Mr. Steady and I discussed it at length and then approached the children about their sibling gift giving…. To learn to give in a different manner that matters more than any ‘thing’ they could exchange….
Giving gifts to others in each other’s name
We used this catalog and discussed the needs of these families and how our small dollars that would have been spent buying trinkets at the dollar store could go so much farther…
$6 for a blanket
$4 for milk
$7 to feed a child hot meals for a week
And on and on. Wonderful gifts with price tags that fit right into my children’s gift-giving range…. So the gifts will really truly come from their givings….
The children have been thumbing thru the catalog for a couple of weeks- thinking hard on what they want to give.
Mr. Conductor has a blanket he’s had since he was a baby that he dearly loves
The connection for him came when he realized that there are children out in the world with no blanket at all.
And so he has decided to give a blanket instead of trinkets and doo-dads for his sisters.
Ms. Books and Sassafras have made lists and are trying to decide if they will have greater impact by pooling their money together….
Mr. Steady and I cannot help ourselves…. We must join in…. what could be more perfect than giving $15 to teach a child to read and write…. Multiplied by 3…. In honor of our 3.
The family discussions this idea has started have been amazing.... our gratitude for the blessings God has given us knows no bounds…. We must give from that gratitude….
We must.

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