Monday, December 20, 2010

Unexpected gifts and grateful hearts

Multitude Monday at Ann’s today….
Sharing our Endless Gratitude…. And this is mine….

Lavender dryer bags
Christmas fudge
Making homemade pretzels with the family
Birthday field trips
Celebrating the blessings Ms. Books brings to us
Starting our own family traditions
Watching a bright red cardinal on the white, white snow
Finding a few moments of peace in the midst of chaos
Making snow angels
Friends that take the time to pull away and go to prayer with you over a heavy burden
The feeling of peace and strength after those prayers
Praying God’s will…. Hoping for the best outcome but more than that- knowing that the outcome, while not your first choice- is God’s choice. There is assurance there.
Being delivered from a trial
Being delivered through a trial
Unexpected gifts
Mr. Conductor is still a snuggle bug
Sister Days
Christmas Carols
The ability to still laugh during hard times
Church Bells
Homemade gifts
His running, jumping hugsCandy canes for stir sticks in my cocoa
Wind chimes made by the boy with keys and string and a wink and a smile
The quiet in the cold night and the chaos in my warm home
Christmas movie marathons
Handmade nativities

1 comment:

  1. I'm intrigued by lavender dryer bags ...

    And by "from a trial" vs. "through a trial" ... love that distinction; so true.



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