Wednesday, December 29, 2010

He stuns me

God still stuns me with His goodness
His grace
And His mercy.
What an incredibly wonderful Christmas season this has been.
Mr. Steady and I didn’t exchange gifts this year as it wasn’t financial feasible.
And you know what?
We didn’t miss it one bit.
He filled my stocking with remembrances of this year and things that make him think of me….
A smoothed and shellacked Petoskey stone…. A reminder of our family vacation and our love of rock picking
An acorn…. Because he loves my nuttiness
Ticket stub from family field trip…. He said it was a reminder of what a great teacher I am and how I make things fun
Clothes pin…. A small symbol of all the different things I do for my family
A shiny 2010 shield penny…. A remembrance of a great God blessed year
An orange…. an old family tradition
And best of all…. A hand written love note….
By far the best-filled stocking ever. My heart absolutely flip-flopped.
Oh, how I wish I could box up all the wonder and joy and love and fun and specialness that was Christmas this year…. So that I won’t ever forget how incredibly amazing the day was.
How God worked His plan for my good and blessed me much more than I had even dared to ask.
I have been so stunned by this goodness that I have almost dared not speak it for fear that it isn’t all that I see it to be…..
Each day I continue to enjoy the newness of this….
What a completely wonderful way to close out this year….


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