Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Determination

I have determined something….
Determined to not get overly frazzled, hurried, worried and stressed….
Notice I said overly- I know myself… at some point I will feel all these…. All at once.
Not only do we celebrate Christmas in December but in our home a very special, completely wonderful young lady celebrates a birthday….
Each year, two weeks before Christmas….
And because I’m the kind of mother that never wants Christmas to overshadow her beautiful, precious girl’s day…. I go all out.
And then some, according to Mr. Steady.
This year proves to be even more challenging as her birthday weekend coincides with our big church musical presentation…. Which 3 out of the 5 in this family are a part of…. Which includes a full dress rehearsal on Saturday (when we’d normally have her birthday party) and a commitment of being to the church a whole hour before the production begins (if you were to know anything about us…. We are hardly if ever, possibly closer to never on time for anything, always- always running ‘just a few minutes behind’. They joked about it at choir practice last week- saying that you should tell the Wags to be there 90 minutes before it starts- then they’ll be on time!)
And so, with much trepidation on my part, we’ve decided to have her birthday party on Sunday- between the morning service and the evening musical. This really does work best….
And so we come back to my Determination….
Not to become anything “overly” except overly blessed.
To start each day off with prayer before contemplating my to-do list….
To then go to my gratitude journal and re-read the night before’s entry…. Perhaps jotting down a couple more remembered thankfuls.
All to be done before my feet hit the floor.
I figure that’s a good place to start.
I determine that this is the year I stop trying to make this special season look like a Mitford Moment or a Normal Rockwell painting but instead to let it simply be what it is…. Lovely, Extraordinary Chaos.
I believe I can be content with that.
I want to be more flexible…. I want to be in the moment, instead of thinking of what I need to do next….
I want time to….


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