Monday, December 13, 2010

14 Today and a Treasure

She turned 14 today.
It’s so easy to remember that day…. How very tiny and precious she was….
Christmas came early, we said.
Its not like I blinked and 14 years went by…. I was in all the moments- experiencing each one….
And I’m in this moment too- right now….
This moment where I sit here looking at her and all the moments of 14 years come cascading down on me- the then, the way back then and the now all jumble together….
Gone are the springy curls…
Gone are the pigtails…
Thank the good Lord the freckles & red hair are still here….
I think, perhaps, right now it has dawned on me that while I have been in all the moments up to this moment- my time is limited…. She is here at the cusp… she will begin to experience moments that I won’t be a part of…. Where I don’t have a front row seat. I am closer to these than the moments of the past when she needed me for her very survival.
I continue to look at her.
She is a marvel.
A wonderful blend of her daddy and me-
Funny & sarcastic like her mama tempered by the quietness & introspectiveness of her daddy—wrapped all up in her own compassionate heart….
She is such a treasure to behold.
In her I see some of the best parts of me.
And I know- for a moment—
In this precise moment…. That I am utterly blessed.
Here I sit watching her and I know she is a better person at 14 than I was at 23—she understands in ways I didn’t until after she was born and I am thankful
& my heart cries out- Lord! Please don’t let her lose this! Help us to continue parenting her in Your way…. Please help her to continue down this path of growth and always be a woman who seeks after Your heart.

14 things I love about Ms. Books
1.   Her red hair & freckles
2.   She knows (& can) act like a lady but can take down a boy with a headlock if necessary.
3.   What a help she is to me- cooking and working alongside me.
4.   How she loves and cares for her younger siblings.
5.   Watching her bloom & explore her talents…. Singing, sewing etc.
6.   Her ability & stick-to-it-iveness in memorizing scripture.
7.   Her quiet thoughtfulness
8.   She is a great cook [Makes lunch around here most days!]
9.   Having discussions with her concerning what we are learning—she loves to know the “why’s” of things
10. That she still hugs & kisses her Daddy and me good-night.
11. Her smile
12. That she loves fun hats
13. That she continues to pray & believe that God chooses who she will marry
14. Her ability to make me laugh and that she still thinks I’m funny
She is a Marvel.
A True Treasure.


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