Monday, November 22, 2010

Some School- Eat like an Egyptian

Sharing some hands-on schooling fun....

To finish up our studies on Ancient Egypt a couple of weeks ago, Ms. Books made an Egyptian Dinner.
Our recipes came from Ms. Book’s school book- Archaeological Expeditions (an outstandingly, wonderful resource from WinterPromise). Ms. Books put the meal together from a variety of recipes listed in her book. Mr. Steady was her sous chef….

Our Menu….
Homemade Pita Bread
Marinated Chicken
Rice with Vegetables
Dessert: Spiced oranges & Raisins served over yellow cake
Beverage: Raspberry Mint Delight
It was an interesting dinner…. Mr. Conductor was not a big fan. He finally decided to mix the chicken with the rice dish and put it all inside his slice of pita bread. The Raspberry Mint Delight could have done with a bit less on the raspberries and mint…. I made a note to strain the mixture more finely next time.
The spiced oranges & raisins were an interesting dish…. tasty but not so tasty that we’ll be eating them again. Reality-wise, none of us are big on Middle Eastern cuisine- we don’t really care for the spices.
However- it was a fun experience…. A chance to try something different.
Sassafras remarked that we were missing one key ingredient in our food….
From the girls’ studies they have found that Egyptians had some severe dental problems mostly due from the grinding of sand with their teeth…. Not that they chose to eat sand- it just ended up in all their food.
We discussed our studies as we ate dinner and enjoyed the little interesting bits and pieces that the girls shared. Mr. Conductor also build a Lego pyramid to grace the table.
If we did it again- I think we’d try and dress up. Maybe…. Because as we all know- Life has a way of getting away from us and if we’d waited until we had the proper costumes we would have never eaten like Egyptians for an evening….

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  1. I've loved reading about your themed meals! I'm not a fan of Egyptian food, either... a friend & I went to a Farmer's Market downtown (Austin) and she begged me to sample the various ethnic foods there. Not to my taste at all... and neither was the Ethiopian food - very sour! But what a wonderful way to really get a feel for the culture, eating their food! We are starting formal history next fall (now that both kiddos can read) and I'm going to implement your idea. :-)



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