Monday, November 22, 2010

My Thanks I Give....

Multitude Monday at Ann’s today….
Sharing our Endless Gratitude…. And this is mine….

Not worrying about having the perfect lawn but enjoying it instead
Letting the kids dig a huge hole in the yard because they wanted to
Old family photographs with the pertinent info written on the back
Playing pirates with my kids- a time when being the ‘bad guy’ is fun
Treasure maps made by my children
An ancestor named Ebenezer who fought in the Revolutionary War
Both my grandfathers serving in WWII
Listening to my grandparents share stories of what life was like when they were growing up
Family history written down
Viewing my grandfathers and father as my greatest heroes as a teen and the knowledge as an adult that they really were, still are and that I’ve added my husband to that list of amazing men
Scriptures that speak to my heart
Creasing that first crisp page in a new book
Cheesy grins in pictures
Beautifully bound journals
Grandparents for babysitters
Homemade comb and wax paper kazoos
Quaker Oats box drums
Our bright red Radio Flyer trike bike complete with cream and red plastic streamers on the handle bars that was the first bike for each of our children
Holding on to that trike and knowing that we will continue to pass that bike down to the next generation
Learning to love someone who is unlovely towards you
Saturday morning snuggles
Family devotions
Colorful fat fabric squares just waiting to be transformed
Paying off a debt
Imperfectly cut-out red construction paper hearts
Victory gardens
Cloth napkins
Food on the table
…. And in the fridge
…. And in the pantry
…. And in the freezer
My daughter’s freckles
My other daughter’s dimples
My son’s cowlicks
Sunshine on a cold day
Seeing my breath on the air
Beautiful complicated designs of frost on the kitchen window
Heating pads
Being faithful in the smallest of matters
Quiet reflection
Our own little library
Pencil sharpeners
Bag balm in that green and red tin
The sound of the front door opening & closing…. He’s home!
His shoulder for crying on
Strong laughter in the midst of painful circumstances
Hope…. Endless, every day hope
Sweet words from a friend
Bedtime stories read aloud
Unraveling…. Sometimes that’s good for the soul

1 comment:

  1. Handing things down from one generation to the next is such a treasure! And having your family's story written down--what a blessing. Wish I had done that before my Mother passed away.

    Your post was beautiful. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving,



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