Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hands On School- Jewish Dinner

Another themed dinner….
We finished Egypt with a dinner and followed the Israelites as they began the Exodus out of Egypt….
And now it’s Sassafras’s turn to make dinner….
A Jewish Dinner
We began our planning with her school book: Lamps, Scrolls & Goatskin Bottles: A Handbook of Bible Customs for Kids (also a part of our WinterPromise curriculum) and also checked out the Kosher aisle at the local grocery store. It took her quite a few days to really decide on just the right dishes for her meal.
Here’s what she came up with:
Sassafras’s Jewish Dinner: The Menu
Unleavened bread
Esau’s Pottage (Lentil Stew)

After our foray into making pita bread for the Egyptian dinner, we decided to make things a bit easier on ourselves and purchase pita bread from the store…. We also purchased the hummus rather than make it as we’ve had some icky hummus before…. Plus this yummy pine nut garlic hummus was on sale- cheap. The recipes also stated you could substitute beef for lamb. I really wanted us to be authentic and try the lamb until I saw the prices in the grocery store…. So we went with beef. When we were shopping for our dinner we ran into a friend at the Kosher section and explained to her what we were doing. She encouraged us to make the lentil stew saying that if we liked split pea soup we would like the lentil stew. Let me go on record by saying while lentils look exactly like split peas that’s where the similarities ended. With that said- the stew was very good- a robust flavor. It was quite salty also. Mr. Conductor was not a fan.
The kebobs (not to be confused with shish kebobs) were delicious- everyone liked them even the resident picky-eater, Mr. Conductor.
And the dibs?.... I guess you needed a bit more patience when making that…. I should have turned the burner down sooner…. I burnt it, burnt it bad. Stinky smoke filling the kitchen type bad…. The kids made fans and fanned the smoke away from the smoke detector…. My precious pot was full of sticky black goo…. Ms. Books made the announcement, “Mom, you’re gonna wash that yourself right?” She believes in the motto- She who burns it, scrubs it.

Oh, the lessons we learn while homeschooling….

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  1. What an interesting way to teach children about other cultures. You can learn pretty much anything you care to know through food.



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