Monday, November 29, 2010

Grateful for these bits and pieces of pain and learning to stand up under it

Multitude Monday at Ann’s today….
Sharing our Endless Gratitude…. And this is mine….

If it seems that my gratefuls today are laced with bits and pieces of pain…. That’s a true reflection of me today…. I am reminded to be grateful in the midst of difficulties…. There is a reason and a purpose for everything…. I don’t want to stick my head down in the sand because life gets hard, difficult and messy but instead I want to learn to stand up under it all…. I don’t stand alone…. I could never stand alone…. I’d fall and be crushed under the weight of it all…. Instead He holds me up and helps me to stand up under it….
Oh, Lord thank you. Today I am shaking under the weight but I know I can…. I know I can…. Because You are with me.

Stacks of good books to read
Buttery popcorn
Signing a song
Happy tears
A good crying jag
A cozy warm home
Menu plans
The cooing of my 4 mo old niece
Heated mattress pads
Hot Cocoa…. Topped with marshmallow cream
My mother’s quiet courage and loving strength in the face of unloveliness
Notes and drawings tucked in my bible
Laughing right in the middle of crying because you just can’t stand yourself any longer
His leading thru each and every painful circumstance
Knowing that my every heartache passes thru His hands first
Learning to Be Still
For the love I see being played out in the midst of painful circumstances


  1. This is my first time visiting with you and I must has been a pleasure. Even though you mention being visited by bits and pieces of pain. Two things caught my eye...bits and pieces (the title of my blog) and the word pain. I live with chronic pain and I love what I've read here...the gratefulness you hold because you realize where you strength to stand up comes from.

    I will be visiting you again soon!

  2. I stopped by via a link from A Holy Experience. I appreciate what you wrote. Also, I laughed when I saw your husband is Mr. Steady. I call mine that too:) And, we share a first name. So funny! I have three daughters, and you just may have inspired me to give them creative blog names as well. Enjoyed my visit~thanks and blessings~Amy



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